The TLW Warranty

In this shop, we take pride in everything we produce.  It is all created by our hands and from out minds, not by an unknown operator on some machine.  Is the spirit of that pride, TLW warranties any leather item we produce against failures related to defect or workmanship for the life of the item.  Whether you bought it and used it for ten years, gave it as a gift, or found it on the ground- we will honor the warranty.  The warranty covers:

  • Failure of stitching, rivets, snaps, or other hardware.

  • Defect in the leather due to Tannery processes or errors 

  • Refinishing, conditioning, and water resisting of vegetable tanned leather products for the life of the item.  Click here for more information. 

Like any rule, there are exceptions.  These exceptions are not covered under the TLW Warranty:

  • Damage due to abuse, neglect, or misuse

  • Exposure to chemicals, water, or metal items

  • Damage from prolonged exposure to moisture, rain, or snow

  • Consumption, or attempted consumption, by animals- both wild and domestic. 



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