Tanner Collar

Tanner Collar

This is the original, the first collar made in this shop. One of the issues when using a collar is that the D-Ring for the tag is by the buckle.  That is also the only place to attach your lead, causing the collar to constantly rotate on the dogs neck and a lot of noise between the lead snap and tags.  The solution- a D-Ring on the back of a collar for your lead.  This collar is cut from 8 ounce cowhide and dyed to your specifications.  It is then burnished and stitched where the D-Rings attach.  A durable, yet beautiful, finish is applied to ensure the collar withstands years of daily use. 


This collar comes standard with chrome plated steel hardware and is 1 1/4" wide. Brass or black steel hardware is available for $5.00.

    Leather Color
    Stitch Color



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