Radio Loop- APX

Radio Loop- APX

For the Public Safety Professional, particularly those that wear a duty belt. This radio Loop was designed to carry the APX radio on a duty belt in a secure and comfortable manner in conjunction with the PMLN5331 holster commonly issued with the APX series radio. The Holster commonly pops up or off when clipped directly to a belt, especially when sitting  down or exiting a vehicle. 

The strap on this radio loop was designed specifically for the holsters clip length, preventing accidental ejection of the Holster from the belt. It is made of thick 9 ounce cowhide and will not sag or stretch over time.

Available in black or brown depending on your needs, it also will hold the radio about an inch and a half off the body. This aids in comfort and prevents damage to the radio hosnter in torso flexion.



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