About the Shop

Tanner Leatherworks is a small custom leather shop located in Richmond, Virginia.  The art of handcrafting items has been lost to machinery and computer aided processes as time has gone on.  In this shop, we value attention to detail  and the unmatched quality it produces.  There is no mass production here, just a love for quality detailed work.  We take pride in creating leather items exactly how you ask for them to be made.  Our expectations of our work are high and nothing leaves this shop unless it is right.  We back everything we make with our TLW Warranty, covering it for the life of the item. Also- Tanner himself will not be working on your items as he is a Labrador Retriever and is more likely to eat them than saddle stitch.

Tanner Machine

In 2016, I purchased a large lot of items from a leather manufacturer that had gone out of business in Pennsylvania.  My brother and I headed up north and loaded up a truck and trailer with those items.  In the lot were two leather sewing machines and a large box of assorted repair parts.  I took those parts to a machine repairman, who in return taught me how to time and repair machines.  I found I enjoyed working on the large industrial machines and began a joint venture that became Tanner Machine.  Learn more about Tanner Machine here.



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